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Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
story tom sherwood reported first on news4. d.c. mayor, vincent gray is seeking re-election amid allegations of corruption in 2010. tonight his political rivals are coming out swinging. jackie bensen is outside the wilson building with the details. hey, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen. mayor gray defended his record tonight amid a new round of unwelcome questions. a few hours after taking the candidate's oath and signing forms to pick up nominating petitions at the d.c. board of elections, d.c. mayor vincent gray responded to questions about the criminal investigations surrounding contributions to his 2010 campaign. >> listen, our record speaks for itself. look at the fiscal stability in this city, the economic development, the way people are getting back to work. >> reporter: four high-level aides to the gray 2010 campaign pleaded guilty to felony charges. the mayor himself has not been charged with any wrongdoing. council member tommy wells is among six declared rivals. he released a written statement saying, quote, vince gray was elected under false pretenses and doesn't de
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
-election. mayor vincent gray is upset over questions he's getting. this appearance was meant to high lie d.c.'s egg economic development during his term in office. he says he's running on his record and refuses to answer questions into the federal probe that is still on going. tom sherwood was at that news conference and found out that gray didn't like the media crowd leaving the room, either. >> i want to talk about the future of the district of columbia. i am a native washingtonian. i have given virtually my life to this city. this is the washington redskins game? >> gray is a press secretary also argue we'd a reporter from the washington city paper claiming that the mayor has a stronger record on development than his predecessors. >>> and just moments ago, tom sherwood also confirmed that tomorrow he will form an expl e exploratory committee for a possible run for mayor. he's an independent and has until june to decide to launch a campaign on his own. he's the fifth member of the city council who is in the mayor's race or is considering it. he's been a member of the council since
Dec 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
east most iconic figures. >> he was later elected president of south africa. he died today at the age of 95, but his legacy lives on. at howard university dozens gathered for a candle light vigil in his memory. outside of northwest d.c. tonight, people are leaving flowers and talking about his impact. president obama called mandela one of the most influential, a courageous and profoundly good men that ever lived. >> i would study his words and his writings. the day he was released from prison, it gave me a sense of whatans ca they're guided by their hopes and not by their fears. >> to honor the memory of nelson mandela, president obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff at the white house and all publi buildings. >> tonight, the tributes in his honor. but let's begin with more on the growing crowds outside mandela's home in johannesburg. >>> nelson mandela's suburban mansion in johannesburg. the crowds have been building the last few hours, singing songs of the anti-apartheid struggle, singing the south african national anthem. late in the evening, the south african presi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3